Far from the Vlad-ding Crowd

Transylvania. The very name conjures a cinematic mash-up of monster iconography: deep black forests, spiky medieval lairs. Even seasoned travellers are apt to ask if it’s a real place. It is – this region of Romania extends from Brasov in the east to Cluj Napoca in the north, and almost as far west as Hungary. It comes by its horror-genre… Read More Far from the Vlad-ding Crowd


Rudolph & Redrum: Winter Adventure in Geilo, Norway

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, the declaration “There’s no snow!” was a steady refrain uttered amongst several of our local friends. They weren’t talking about London, which hardly ever sees the stuff anyway; they were talking about the Alps. From Les Trois Vallees to Zermatt, Courmayeur to St. Anton, El Niño and his… Read More Rudolph & Redrum: Winter Adventure in Geilo, Norway