Far from the Vlad-ding Crowd

Transylvania. The very name conjures a cinematic mash-up of monster iconography: deep black forests, spiky medieval lairs. Even seasoned travellers are apt to ask if it’s a real place. It is – this region of Romania extends from Brasov in the east to Cluj Napoca in the north, and almost as far west as Hungary. It comes by its horror-genre… Read More Far from the Vlad-ding Crowd


Open Letter to Pyjama-Wearing Parents of Skerne Park

Dear Skerne Park Academy: I just found about you, a magical school in England where the parents apparently wear pyjamas and slippers during the School Run (for Americans reading, the School Run is the act of dropping kids off at, and picking them up from, school). This didn’t best please the head teacher (a.k.a. school… Read More Open Letter to Pyjama-Wearing Parents of Skerne Park